Embracing Progress: Advancing Agricultural Trailers

To maintain the productivity of our land while respecting its integrity, agricultural trailers are now being outfitted with increasingly wider sets of tires.
However, ensuring the successful installation of these wider tires necessitates the use of suitable suspensions, such as ADR’s innovative "Alpha" program.
The evolution of agricultural mechanization is currently undergoing a significant transformation, aiming to align production practices with environmental preservation while maintaining and even enhancing productivity. In line with this objective, certified tires such as the "If" (Increased Flexion) and "Vf" (Very High Flexion) have emerged. These tires operate at low or extremely low pressures, mitigating soil compaction and promoting a more sustainable approach.
The discharge of these tires onto the ground results in reduced compaction compared to standard tires, making them an intelligent solution for environmentally conscious farming practices. However, to fully benefit from these advancements, agricultural trailers must be equipped with specially designed suspensions capable of accommodating larger tires. These suspensions ensure that trailers can handle the increased tire size without encountering load limitations or compromising stability during both road travel and fieldwork.
ADR Axles, the world’s leading manufacturer of agricultural axles, has developed the innovative "Alpha" series hydraulic suspensions with a keen focus on addressing these specific requirements. The series offers two models, both sharing a functional layout but with different capacities of 15 or 18 tons. Each model incorporates distinct construction solutions tailored to their respective capacities. The core foundation lies in the interconnected wheel layout, facilitated by the state-of-the-art "TeknoAx 2.0" axles. These axles are seamlessly linked to the trailer frame through steel triangulations and transversal stabilizer bars. The hydraulic cylinders control the excursions of these bars, enabling exceptional axle travel of up to 25 centimeters. This range is three to four times greater than what is typically provided by hydraulic suspensions available in the market. As a result, the "Alpha" series is particularly well-suited for trailers operating on highly uneven terrain.
Not only is the design simple, reliable, and versatile for various applications, but it also adapts effortlessly to any type of trailer. The 15-ton capacity model offers the added advantage of nearly zero maintenance due to the implementation of synthetic ball joints that require no lubrication. Conversely, the higher capacity model utilizes traditional ball joints to withstand increased stress levels. Both models share the convenience of optimizing wheel alignment by rotating the central body of the stabilizer bar and positioning the side cylinders to avoid obstructing the tires.
For those seeking intelligent suspensions, electronic management of the cylinders is possible. Additionally, the ADR "EasyDrive" or "SmartDrive" systems allow the installation of steering axles. With the "EasyDrive" system, the same axle can function as either self-steering or controlled based on the settings of the hydraulic flows acting on its actuation cylinder. This unified group of features enables two distinct functionalities.