Hydraulic suspensions

Keeping up with the times
The new Alpha suspension is designed to cancel the torsional stress of the axles and is suitable for vehicles that need a large axles clearance while ensuring optimum road holding in any situation. It is adaptable to many types of rolling stock according to the configuration and load capacity of the vehicle. The module suspension can be composed of one, two, three (or even more) rigid or steering axles.


  • Fixing cylinders and stabilizer bar on bolted pins to facilitate and simplify any assembly and disassembly operations.
  • Stabilizer bar construction with integral forged terminals, strong and durable. The bar design allows for easy adjustment of the suspension alignment anywhere and only by rotating the center tube.
  • Chassis side cylinder attachments are supplied ready to be adapted to the trailer frame.
  • High vertical stroke of the axle, about 250mm (+/- 125).
  • High rolling inclination angle, up to about 12 degrees, without any resistance to guarantee the trailer’s running stability even on more difficult terrain.
  • Axle-side cylinder attachments can be positioned freely according to the trailers to be equipped, being decoupled from the triangular joint.
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Technical features
The heart of the suspension is the triangular arm solidly anchored to the axle and connected to the central console by a ball joint. In this way the axis is allowed to oscillate in the longitudinal and transversal direction of high magnitude.
The snaking motion is prevented by a suitable bar which constrains it.