ATW S.A. company was established in 1996 when as a result of ZASŁAW factory of trailers and semi trailers restructuring, ADR group bought the Factory’s mechanical and axle production department.

After the transaction, ADR company started a program of development as well as essential investments as a result of which, ATW has reached the current level of employment (over 400 people) witch a working area of over 40.000 m2. It started its activity with 99 employees and an area of 7.000 m2.

Since that time, great investments, both industrial as well as financial ones have been made. The employees’ development has also been taken into consideration by means of starting the programs of foreign practices in other companies which are included in the group in Italy and France.

The effort made by ADR-COLAERT group with the great involvement of all the ATW employees has brought the unheard-of results even a few years ago.

It has to be mentioned that ATW possesses a range of products technologically advanced, which meet all the market requirements; starting from small axles with the load of 500 KG to the axles with the load up to 16 ton, with homologated brakes in the whole Europe from 30 km/h up to 105 km/h. Apart from the axles, with or without brakes, ATW offers also the most modern steer axles in Europe, which possess the solutions patented together with ADR and acknowledged in the whole world.

The scope of ATW Company is of course wider and satisfies absolutely all the requirements of European and non-European markets. Apart from the axles, ATW has in its range a whole series of one-axle, two-axle and three-axle suspensions – spring and pneumatic types. The selection of suspensions of a very modern concept allow the company customers to solve all the problems that the more and more demanding market puts in front of them.

Over 90% of the company productions are intended for export both, to Western Europe or the United States of America, but also to such countries as Australia or the Far East. Practically, in the whole world it is possible to come across the products from ATW.

Together with Poland entering the European Community, and what comes with it, the spread of internal market, ATW intensifies its efforts in order to promote its products on the market; the efforts include the participation of ATW at fairs, such as: POLAGRA, AGRO SHOW in Poznan, EIMA – Bologna, Agrotechnica – Hannover.
ATW shall always be the point of reference for both; plants which produce trailers or machines with power driver as well as for their users.